Nov 9, 2012

Something something to something cancer

Jay has threatened to bring out his skirt again. It's on, sucka.

I'm sure that most of you who read Tam's blog know about the diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma she just received.

She has a tip jar over there, on the right side of the page; feel free to use it. In fact, I'm going to encourage its use. I have yet to meet Tam in meatspace, but I'd still call her a friend. One of us. I've enjoyed reading her wit, snark, and have even gleaned a few useful bits of info about our common hobbies. More than enough enjoyment to warrant a sawbuck or two.

So yes, please hit the tip jar - but I'm going to up the ante a bit.

Hit that tip jar. When you finish the transaction, it'll create a receipt for you. Save that page as a PDF/TIF file (Chrome will save direct to PDF, Microsoft Image Writer will save to TIF) and send it to me Jennifer, OR forward the email receipt to me her. jennifer at injennifershead dot com. Let her know which of the raffles you want your entries to be in! If something isn't clear, ask us!

Should look like this:

Every five bucks you throw her will get your name on a slip of paper. I'm going to toss those names in a hat and track the total. When the total reaches a thousand dollars in donations On Thanksgiving, as changed here, I'm going to pull a name out of the hat, and the lucky winner will receive their choice of one of these two holsters:

They're both Dragon Leatherworks "Talon" models, cut and molded for a 5" 1911 (but a commander should fit fine!). The one on the left is a sanded stingray inlay, and the one on the right is a rainbow python inlay. They're both freakin' beautiful... but you'll have to pick one.

Five bucks for a swing at a Dragon, and helping out a friend? How can you lose?

Edit to clarify: These are already-made holsters from my personal collection. Yes, they've both been worn a few times - but not much, since there isn't much call for BBQ in NY... The winner gets his choice of one or the other.


Old NFO said...

Well done Sir... Well DONE!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I love the looks of Dragon "Sunday go to meetin'" holsters. Any chance you can raffle off a lefty?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'd pay $10 a chance for a lefty...

Dragon said...


The holsters that Zercool is raffling are pre-builts, and he owns both. Quite generous of him to part with one of his own personal holsters.

If you go here:

and follow the directions, you can get in on a chance to get a Lefty version. The winner of the raffle I'm sponsoring directly will get a holster built right from the ground up. Only thing is, each donation is $5.56... like the 5.56 NATO that the M16 eats. :-)

Ken O said...

You rock! This is just one of the things I love about gun people, we help others. While I really want a Dragon for my Springfield, I will not be submitting my receipt; we'll save that incentive for someone who does not value Tam's Snark. Well done indeed, sir.