Apr 15, 2013

Ammo report

On my drive home, I decided to take a swing through the Cabelas in Hazelwood, MO. It was early in the day for them, and the store was nearly empty - although there was a "take a number" line at the gun counter. Pistol displays were thin but stocked. I didn't even look at new long guns.

Used long guns? Ouch. A handful of beat shotguns for outrageous prices (f'rex, a corncob Ithaca 37 in *rough* shape for $450), and quite a few boltguns. No Mosins, Springfields, or much of anything "tactical" (.223, .308, etc). A few varmint rifles in oddball calibers - .22-250 and the like. And LOTS of Mausers in various flavors. Turk. Argentine. 8mm. 7.92mm. All the prices I checked were north of $500. I don't know the market for those, but they seemed ... high.

Zip .22. None.

Lots of .17HMR, and almost as much 7.62Nagant.

None of the common pistol calibers - 9mm, .40, .45, and .38/357 were cleaned out. There were a half dozen lonely boxes of Buffalo Bore 10mm-Heavy.

Rifle ammo: "hunting" calibers were plentiful - .270Win, the various belted magnums, .243, and .30-06. I didn't see any .308 on the shelves. There were a couple dozen boxes of higher-dollar and a couple boxes of low-dollar low-weight .223. LOTS of 7.62x39 - all Herters-labeled steel, but lots of it, at about $6/20. A fair pile of 54R, also Herters steel, around $8/20.

Shotgun: Plenty of everything. Cases of Rio sport loads (#6-#8 shot) were on sale for $70. There was a rack full of Rio #00 buckshot cases, no price visible. Individual boxes of 25 were marked for $19, so I'm guessing a case would run $170-180ish.

Ammo purchases were limited:
- 100 rounds or 1 brick of .22.
- 5 boxes of centerfire rifle ammo.
- 3 boxes of pistol ammo, if memory serves.

Reloading stuff was picked over - there were presses and other gear, but components and dies were thin for major calibers. Oddball and hunting stuff still had a good selection.

I left with a new IWB holster for the M&P and a jar of their honey-pecan seasoning.

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