Dec 3, 2013

I opened the laptop with vague ideas of a great post, but somehow between opening the laptop and getting to blogger, it evaporated. So you get the vignette update of my life the last few weeks.

- Whirlwind trip home last month was in the nick of time. Rest well, MS.
- Our house has not sold yet. There was a showing yesterday and a repeat with the same family today. I'm keeping my fingers gently crossed.
- I racked up 147 hours of time at work in the last (two week) pay period. The current one is looking closer to 120, which is fine with me. This week marks my first two consecutive nights off in nearly a month.
- MrsZ is going to be here for Christmas and New Year's - and is planning to move out here permanently by mid-to-late January. We'll have spent nearly seven months apart by then.
- I have been i-ssimilated with an iPhone 5S. It's pretty damn slick, and FaceTime has been a godsend.

Also, an addendum to the last post:
After posting my silver advice earlier, spot promptly tumbled another fifty or sixty cents during the day, and is now hovering just over $19.00/oz. I bought a bit of silver over the weekend when it was still just under $20. This type of thing elicits a wry grin. I don't try (too hard) to time the market. If I'm planning to buy, I shop a little bit and buy what I can, and to hell with the market over the next while. It'll eat you up if you quibble over every dime change in spot price. Besides, if it's just sitting in a corner of the safe, what does it matter how the price changes? Read up on dollar-cost averaging - it'll keep you sane.

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Old NFO said...

I know y'all will be glad to spend 'real' time together!!! OT is good, but LIFE is also good!