May 5, 2014


When I first got in touch with the dealer about the can I was looking for, he had them in stock. That changed between then (admittedly a couple months back) and yesterday when I went to his shop to buy one.

So, I have ordered and paid for a Silencerco Sparrow. He has placed the order with his distributor (or with Silencerco direct? Not sure.), who will have to Form-3 it to him, and then I can do the Form 4 and send the ATF $200 and begin to wait.

If eForms aren't back up by the time it's here, I'm going to paper file and be prepared to wait. If they come back up after I've paper-filed, I'll either consider another can (unlikely) or start a Form 1 to "manufacture" an SBR or two.

For those keeping track at home, the timeline and costs thus far have been:
- Forming an NFA Trust (so MrsZ and GfZ can take the cans out without me): $350, 2 weeks
- Sparrow: $485 inc. sales tax

ATF has announced they have doubled the number of examiners doing NFA stuff, and temp-dutied people from other offices in the agency to help clear the backlog. I'm cautiously optimistic that I may see this suppressor by the new year - eight months away.


Old NFO said...

Still waiting on mine... now 7 months.

Wally said...

Form 1/4 have been running 11-12 months lately.

ATF's improved staffing isn't exactly high quality (they have been inconsistently rejecting my correct submissions).

It appears that the trust/cleo rule change will be delayed likely into 2015 so that may be some breathing room.

ps: if your plans don't involve a .30 can, they will :-)

ZerCool said...

Wally: the plans definitely do involve a .30 can at some point, when I have a spare thousand bucks. Cheaper to put a new muffler on the truck than on a rifle...