Dec 11, 2014

Stamp 2

Got an email from my local Class 3 pusher the other night. Approved Form 4 was in hand, and could I come in to pick up...

If it hadn't been 1am when I read the email, I'd have probably left rubber smoke hanging in the driveway. Instead I waited 19 interminable hours and picked this up during his normal business hours:

That, my friends, is a SilencerCo Sparrow: 5" long, 6.5oz, and rated for the common rimfire cartridges and even 5.7x28.

There's only one problem, and a serious one it is... I mailed my form in July and my dealer told me to expect 7-9 months. It's been five.

I don't have anything threaded 1/2-28.

On my way out the door I was sternly admonished not to get anything threaded while I was there. I promised I wouldn't, then noted that BassPro was an easy side trip on the way as the door closed... but I didn't.

My gun priority list has suddenly changed from parting together a couple more ARs and buying ammo here and there to:
- repairing and threading my Savage MkII
- stamping and SBRing my M&P15-22
- threading my Ruger MkIII
- acquiring a Ruger American .22Mag
- acquiring a S&W M&P22c

That set aside, the process for buying that suppressor started in May when I ordered and paid for it. My dealer waited two months for the Form 3 to process so he could receive it from SilencerCo, it took me a week to get my paperwork finished and mailed in, and then another five months of waiting for the ATF to fold-spindle-mutilate and return my Form 4.

Total costs:
Trust by attorney: $350 (admittedly to be used in multiple instances, so amortize if you wish)
Suppressor: $450
ATF stamp: $200
Three trips to the dealer: 2 hours and 40 miles round trip each time.

... but if I don't have a muffler on my car, I get a ticket.

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Old NFO said...

Damn, I STILL don't have mine back... now 7 months... Congrats! :-)