May 22, 2009

I've been spending the morning getting ready for an Appleseed shoot. Along with chasing down other errands.

Rifles are cased and ready to go. (10/22, MkII, AR15.) Range bag has been dumped and partially reconstructed. Ammo is packed (2k .22, 1k .223). Toolkit is partly ready - one rod needs to be put back in, along with the allen wrenches. Need to swap holsters on my BDUs from the .44 wheelgun to the 1911. (I prefer to camp with the 1911 over the .44; no good ballistic reason, just personal preference.)

Need to load the truck, fill the cooler, ice the cooler, and fill the water tank. A quick last shower and boogie on out. Hoping to be in VE by 7:30 so we can set up the tent while it's still light and have some time for BSing with the other instructors and whatever shooters have arrived.

Need to cram some more history, too...

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