May 18, 2009

Range results

Took the AR (I need to name this rifle) to the range today. My range is a friend's cornfield and open whenever I feel like shooting. No fancy berms, benches, target stands or hangers... just a nice hillside.

I hung a bullseye at a roughly paced 25m (see above range notes), put out my mat, slung up and got prone. Checked NPOA and felt good, moved the rear aperture to 8/3+1, and squeezed off five rounds.

The result is this:

I marked the shots, although it's somewhat washed out. The far right shot was a called flier, the other four were pretty much spot on, but a touch high. I turned the front sight up two clicks and tried again, but didn't take the time to check NPOA. See the results? Yuck.

Shot a couple Appleseed Redcoat and Classification AQT targets... I cleaned the 100, 200, and 300m targets comfortably. The 400 ... ain't there. It just doesn't appear for me through the aperture, because it's green on beige and I'm partly colorblind to greens. Too much is obscured even by that .010" crosshair front aperture for me to find the right blur.

(All shots were Federal XM193BK 55gr FMJ.)

I've a feeling I'd actually do better with a full-distance 400m target... but we shall see next month when I go to New Breman (Bremen).

50-ish rounds and zero ammo-related failures; a couple magazine problems prevented the first round from feeding properly. I'm hoping they break in better. (C-Products aluminum 10-round.)

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