May 5, 2009

Match Blaster o' Doom

I ordered an AR upper from Model1 back in mid-February (had to wait for tax refund). They told me 16-18 weeks delivery time, which I accepted. 16" carbine, etc - very nice setup.

Last week a fellow on one of the gun forums I frequent put up a complete Panther Arms DCM match upper. 20" stainless 1:8 HBAR, float tube under standard handguards, sling swivel, A2 match sights, etc. Very reasonable price and available now. I jumped at it. The seller also included an M&D forearm weight - a bit more than 3lb of lead formed to fit inside the handguard.

It arrived today - however, the Brown Truck of Joy hates me, and consistently arrives around 2:30, just before I go to work.

Yep, same story today. I unboxed, gave it a quick once-over, threw the new grip on my lower, cursed because the screw didn't fit right, made some quick adjustments, and put it back on. There's a hair of play between upper and lower, which is no big deal, but the upper ... oh, it's pretty. Heavy, too. I can't wait to get this baby to the range! I'll try to get some pictures tonight or tomorrow and they'll be up then.

Quick dry-fire reveals that the trigger I have now ... sucks. I'll be polishing that and trying to improve the pull and break.

Now ... I need to find some more brass ammo, and a handful of post-ban 10rd mags.

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