Jul 2, 2010

Blogshoot 2010 travel

I'll make this offer a "first-come, first-serve".

If you are planning to attend Northeast Blogshoot (i.e., Jay has already approved your attendance) and coming from central NY or points beyond, and would like to carpool ... I've got space. Definitely for one, or two if they're compact. I drive a crew-cab pickup, so space for toys would be limited with two riders, but with just one, there's plenty of room.


I'm looking at youse in particular.

I'd also be amenable to room-sharing; I'm planning to get a room at the Super8 in Brattleboro, VT. (Home of Vermont Carry!)

Crash space and parking available at my place the nights preceding and following; I'm going to be driving up Saturday 7/31 and home Monday 8/2.

And I listen to country music. A lot.

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