Jul 17, 2010

Holster, revisited

Until ... well, today ... I'd been carrying my 642 in a $35 IWB from JMG Holsters. It's not a bad holster, but was lacking something.

When I got the 242, I looked around for holsters and found... nothing. The problem with a low-production gun is that there aren't many holsters for it. I emailed Ray over at Lobo Gun Leather and asked what he could do.

He got right back to me with a price, and I sent out payment. He emailed me Wednesday morning to say my holster and accessories were done and going out in the mail, and included a couple quick snapshots of them. He also apologized for the delay (five weeks instead of the normal 3-4), as he'd goofed the dump pouch (made it six shots instead of seven) and wanted to make sure he sent the proper equipment.

Well, it arrived Friday, and looks fantastic. Nicely formed leather, both sets of belt loops are nicely formed and edged, dump pouch holds the expected seven shots beautifully ... just a wonderful product overall.

I'll definitely be ordering from him again, and for anyone looking for a semi-custom holster, I can't recommend him enough. Look for pics later today or tomorrow!

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