Jul 26, 2010

Fer sale

For sale: Gently used DPMS upper. BAN COMPLIANT.
20" DCM Post-ban
20" stainless heavy barrel, free floated
1/8 twist
.223 chamber
A2 match sights (NM Rear sight, 1/4 min. windage, 1/2 min ele., & .030/.040 Aperture)
Front post replaced with KNS duplex reticle (see picture below)
Complete BCG
Includes DCM-legal handguard weight

I bought it as-new (<50 rounds), and have fired a couple hundred rounds. Does very well with 55gr FMJ and acceptably well with 45gr JHP varmint rounds. Never got around to working up a load for heavier bullets, but I'd expect it would be phenomenal with 62gr bullets.

*Does not* eat Wolf. It's had a box or two of Wolf since I owned it, and it tends to rip off rims by about the tenth shot, leading to use of a Dammit Stick and a cranky shooter.

DPMS sells these for $600 + s/h with a lead time of "several weeks to several months". Handguard weight runs $45 + s/h. KNS sight is $25 at Midway.

To your door for $600.




I would consider trades of ban-compliant flat-top uppers. (This has been posted on other forums.)


Weer'd Beard said...

That reticule looks AWESOME!!

Got no need for such puny boolits m'self, but I'll put a link up at my place to see if I can get you some traffic.

Maybe you'll leave the blogger shoot with some cash in your pockets...

ZerCool said...

Weerd, thanks for the link-love!

You may not need a poodleshooter, but I freely admit my wussiness and the fact that I don't enjoy shooting mid-bore centerfires.