Mar 18, 2011


MrsZ and I had been talking about getting chickens since we bought the house. Last year, things didn't work out - just too much other stuff going on.

This year, I decided to sort of force the issue (and force myself to build a coop) by ordering chicks.

I went through Tractor Supply and got the pieces I need to start the chicks - a 2x2x4 stock tank to hold them, a foam sheet to put underneath (cellar floor is COLD), a heat lamp, waterer, feeder, pine shavings, and so forth.

Off to Agway and I ordered chicks: 10 mixed bantams (straight run, there will be some culling in our future), 5 Buff Orpingtons, and 5 Barred Rocks. They should be here in about four weeks, so I've got six weeks to get the coop done and still have a couple weeks leeway to make sure things are spaced right.

Now I have to draw plans for the coop and get materials purchased. Fresh eggs by fall!


elmo iscariot said...

I'm dying of envy.

bluesun said...

We've got four Barred Rocks, some Araucanas (blue eggs!) and a couple Rhode Island Red hens. I just got some New Hampshire Red , a couple Andalusians, and a couple more Araucanas chicks. Chickens are a lot of fun, they're always doing something silly to laugh at. And the eggs!

Guffaw in AZ said...

Being the sick twist I am,(and not at all agrarian) all I could think of after reading your post was an episode from The Firesign Theatre, "I was a cock-teaser for Roosterama...I used to enrange the bantams!"

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Every time I go into Tractor Supply, I get distracted by their high soft peeping. The clerks say after about half an hour, it becomes background noise - but they are so cute!

Look forward to hearing how it goes as the chicks grow up into chickens :-)