Mar 8, 2011

Stupid Criminal Tricks

"Intruder calls 911, afraid homeowner may have gun"

1) Don't shower in a house you've burglarized.

2) Two German Shepherds beats the heck out of a wet naked burglar any day.

3) Two German Shepherds arguably beats one handgun for pure intimidation.

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bluesun said...

Best comment there:

'After just breaking into a home, a burglar hears a voice in the darkness, " Jesus is watching you." Thinking it was his nerves, he shrugged it off. While loading his pockets, again, he hears the voice, "Jesus is watching you." He swung his flashlight around to see a parrot in the corner....."Jesus is watching you."

Relieved, he approached the bird and asked, "what's your name fella?" "Moses", the bird squawked. "Moses! What kind of fool names a parrot Moses?" The bird replied, "the same fool that named the doberman in the corner Jesus."'