Mar 23, 2011

Damn The Gun Shop

I sold my .270 today. Friend of a friend as the buyer. Since I didn't have to ship it, I went to $300 for the rifle with an extra mag and a zipper case. Told him what kind of ammo it liked. Took his check, shook hands, and on my way.

Friend who connected us called me four hours later. Buyer's pissed. He went to his gun dealer who told him he got taken because:
- the model is discontinued (True, as is the 1100 and God knows how many other guns over the years.)
- the stock is plastic and will break out around the swivel studs (BS)
- the scope is junk (It's a package 3-9 Bushnell. It's fine for hunting.)
- the magazine release is prone to break (???)
- he could buy a brand-new one through the shop for less than $300

So buyer wants some portion of his money back. I countered with two boxes of factory ammo - about $35-40 worth from Walmart or Dick's. Nope, now he wants to cancel the whole deal.

I just looked around some. A 770 (current version) in .270 can be had on Gunbroker for $290. Plus $25-35 shipping. Plus a $25 transfer fee. No case. Plus $20 for a new magazine. Plus $20 to put on a better recoil pad (I'd replaced the original with an R3). In other words - $370+.

I'm not going to say $300 was the steal of the century, but I do think it was a fair price. If his dealer can actually get him a brand-new 770 for the same price, well, bully for him. I hope it shoots well.

In any case, I had deposited his check while out running errands (before any of this conversation). I told him to sit on the rifle for a week while the check clears, then I'll make the swap back.

This oughta learn me to sell guns...


(FWIW, I am not upset that he wants to cancel the deal. I am upset that the shop is making me out to be some kind of a scammer.)


Robert McDonald said...

You are a kinder man than I.

ZerCool said...

Robert - I really don't know that I have any option in things. He paid with a check (which I ok'd on our mutual friend's vouching for him), and could just as easily cancel that and still have my gun.

Such is life, I suppose.

Wilson said...

You were offering a decent deal for the money, not a super bargain but a fair price. Sounds like the gunshop owner is just one of those that doesn’t mind doing some truth “bending” and maybe even some implied character assassination to get a gun sale. I wouldn’t worry about it, you’ll find a buyer.

Old NFO said...

I've got to agree with Wilson... and I'd make sure NONE of my friends ever darkened that particular gun shops door...