Feb 24, 2013

More crap I want to sell

As the packing/decluttering process continues, I'm finding a lot of stuff I want or need to get rid of. It's all good stuff, just ... stuff. The latest list:

- pinned/nonadjustable carbine stock kit. Buffer, spring, tube, plate, nut - the works. $50 shipped. Pic here.
- BSA 2x20 pistol scope. NIB, never mounted. $50 shipped.
- CRKT MUK knife. Four of 'em. $10/ea +s/h or $40 shipped for all four.
- CRKT Point Guard small/serrated. $25+.
- CRKT Point Guard large/straight. $30+.
- CRKT Lake Bandera straight. $25+.
- Kershaw Drone straight. $20+.

Pics of all the knives are here.

Junk and bullion silver are very welcome.

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