Feb 19, 2013

WTS: Complete AR lower

Yep. A complete lower. Finishing other things in the safe, filling holes, etc.

Anvil Arms AA-15 lower, Gadsden Flag laser-etched on the right side magwell, A2 grip, A2 stock, DPMS parts kit. Trigger breaks clean but a little heavy, haven't done anything to adjust it.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

I'm looking for $600.00 shipped FFL-FFL. I will consider partial trades, in particular:
- Larue Bipod + mount
- a 4-12x scope of known quality
- a Mosin 91/30 in decent condition AND a can or two or light ball (I have a C&R for a few more weeks). (Just found that my C&R expired three weeks ago. Nix that option!)
- a quantity of lightweight .308 bullets (110-125gr)

Any of those plus cash will get my attention.

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