Apr 17, 2014

BAG Day...

It actually wasn't Buy A Gun Day for me ... there's plenty on my "want" list but not a lot on the "have to have" list. So I bought ammo instead.

Yep. A crate of 7.62x54R. I didn't own a Mosin when the stuff was $120. I didn't have the disposable funds when it was $160. I didn't click the "add to cart" fast enough when it was $180... So now it's $200 for a crate, plus shipping, and it's still the cheapest centerfire stuff out there. (About $0.27/round after shipping. The cheapest .223 is still running $0.30+.)

I realize a wooden crate isn't much to look at, but then again, neither is a green metal can. And I'm definitely not opening those up - don't want to lose that precious 1970s ComBloc air!

1 comment:

Old NFO said...

Good thing you got it now! :-)