Apr 26, 2014


Working tonight. Get out at 0700. Zoom home, grab a shower and some clean clothes, a power nap, then meeting up with a couple friends to go stormchasing.

The current hotspot according to the NOAA SPC (and planned destination) is southwest Missouri - down Springfield/Joplin way. That may change between now and the morning, but I'm game for most anything. I'll crap out in the back seat while they drive, and wake up when we get there.

My bag is packed and ready to go - both my Baofeng portable radios with charged batteries, a change of clothes, handful of snacks, camera with fresh batteries and memory card... the portable radio box is sitting in the truck waiting.

We're going to catch a storm tomorrow - no question about that. My friend/guide is cautiously optimistic that we'll catch a twister, too.

Pics in a day or two... :-D


Laura said...

g'luck and keep your head down if things get hairy.

Jennifer said...

Anxious for pics. I am betting you caught one