Apr 26, 2014

Living Vicariously...

... through the posts and pictures of others.

Linoge posted pictures without much in the way of descriptions, and the first one is a "M1911P (POLY)".

A quick google found that this is a new thing from Rock River Arms.

Government-sized 1911 at 2.0lb, instead of the 2.5lb of a (f'rex) Springfield Mil-Spec. That's a noticeable drop, and brings a full-size 1911 into spitting distance of things like the M&P-series pistols (M&P45: 27oz) and GLOCKs (G21: 29oz).

I'm not going to get into the single-stack/double-stack argument. If you shoot, you know what you like. They all have their place. I'd like to get my hands on one to see how it handles and shoots. The specs say there's a "steel frame insert" which should provide good rigidity...

Interesting, that's for sure.

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