May 18, 2009

A slow build-up

After the disaster with the Wolf ammo in my new AR, I started the search for brass .223 at a (relatively) decent price. I picked up some PMC and UMC locally as mentioned before, but kept looking.

Finally, I found a store online ( that had stock of Federal XM193BK. $400/1000. I checked one other place ( who also had stock of the XM193 ($380/1000) and of PMC Bronze ($77/200). I did some waffling and debating, and finally asked the wife if she would have a cow if I spent a chunk on ammo right before we apply for a mortgage. She sighed and told me to go ahead - and to use her credit card to do it! *boggle*

By the time I placed the order, PSA had sold out of the XM193 and PMC. I sighed and coughed up the extra twenty bucks for it from LTD. Order placed and confirmed the afternoon of 5/11. Shipped 5/13. Arrived (as usual) fifteen minutes after I left for work on Saturday (FedEx Home Delivery works on Saturdays but not Mondays).

XM193BK is bulk-packed XM193. Loose packed. Arfcom has had some reports of damaged cartridges in the bulk pack. I made a quick sample check when I got home and found no more than a few minor dings in a couple cartridges, certainly nothing I'd worry about chambering and firing.

Yesterday a range trip was not an option. Today the weather looks good (albeit slightly chilly) and I may head out to check function and zero with the XM193...

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