Sep 22, 2009

Straw poll

Alright, I'm curious ... I know I'm not the only guy (or gal) out there who has an other-half not so into guns. I consider myself luckier than some, though; MrsZ enjoys shooting (it's a zen thing for her) but doesn't choose to carry.

We went out last week for an "open house" with a company whose name starts with "Direct" and ends with "Buy". That's a whole story by itself but the short form is: they suck, it's a scam, and it's all high-pressure sales schtick. Avoid.

In any case, the store is in a city about 90 minutes from home, and this city is known for having some less-than-desirable areas. It's not shocking to hear their name on the news following the words "shooting in" or "murder in".

I almost always have a pistol within easy reach, but don't carry 100% of the time. I chose to carry for this trip. I tucked my Bersa .380 into it's IWB holster around 5-5:30 and slipped an extra mag into a front pocket of my jeans. Tucked my shirt over the butt and threw on a flannel shirt. Off to pick up the wife and then on to the store. We went through the tour, listened to the sales schlock, then did one more bit of tour.

As we were walking out of the room from the sales pitch, MrsZ put her hand on my back, presumably to knead some knots out ... and instead put her hand directly on the butt of the pistol. She jerked her hand back like she'd been burned, and kinda gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything about it.

So ... the question/request: anecdotes about spouses not realizing you're carrying, and reacting one way or another?


libertyman said...

In an unrelated matter, you mentioned an interest in an Ithaca 1911. There are two being auctioned at Amoskeag Auctions here in NH. Hie thee there to get details on bidding by fax or phone.

ZerCool said...

Oh, my ... Unfortunately, my fun budget is essentially zero. Ah well.

libertyman said...

Well, the lot numbers are 78 and 492 -- the first is expected to bring $800-1200, the second, $350-550. Looks like the lowest price I have seen for a vintage 1911. The lower price one has later sights and minor issues, but is still an Ithaca. Just a thought - the Amoskeag people are great to deal with, I will be bidding on a few things.

Bob S. said...

I'm lucky.

While my wife isn't in carrying right now or going to range often; she fully supports me in both endeavors.

Our anecdotes involve discussing where carrying is prohibited or not. Usually we will talk about if I need to leave my "accessories" in the car or not.

Or if I remembered that we are going to this or that place (going to high school football games, court house, etc).

Weer'd Beard said...

The best I got for you is the wife giving me a hug at a dinner party after I said something sweet, and then exclaiming "You aren't as huggable when you wear your shoulder holster!"

I'm a carry 100% of the time. Sometimes she'll ask me just to make sure, but I doubt I'd ever surprise her.

GunGeek said...

We were at the movie theater waiting for the commercials to start prior to the previews when my phone buzzed me (I was on call). Turns out it was someone letting me know about a change in date for a church meeting. My wife pointed that I should update my PDA for the meeting. She patted my right pocket as I pulled the PDA out of my left pocket.

If your PDA is over there, what's in this pocket? she asked. When I whispered it was a gun, she suddenly needed to know how often and for how long I had been carrying.

My response????

Pretty much all my waking hours for over 14 months.

That's right, folks. A little KelTec P3AT in a pocket holster is so invisible that my own wife had no idea that I was carrying for well over a year. She was just stunned that she had no clue that I was packing heat. Suddenly I stopped worrying about people noticing it.