May 16, 2010

Bedside gun

Yesterday afternoon, The Boss and I were discussing life, and she dropped this bomb on me:

"Can we get another pistol ... for me?"

That's kind of a no-brainer. I asked what she wanted it for, since I didn't think she had made the decision to carry. She told me she wanted a gun for the night table, since she's heard a few things go "bump" in the night.

Obviously, the contents of the safe are hers to choose from at her convenience, but those have all been my choices to suit my likes and needs. Before I left for work, though, we went through each of the suitable guns in the safe. She decided that a range trip will be in order to try each one again and see if we have something she's really comfortable with, or if a new purchase is indicated.

Because I am a Disciple, of course, the first thing I handed her was the 1911. She handed it back. 28-2? Back. 67? Back. 5946? "Don't you have another silver one that worked well for me?" ... I dug the Thunder .380 out of its box. Back. She went back to the 5946 and hefted it a few times, then decided that it would work for now. (I didn't offer the clearly unsuitable options.)

So. Two magazines of 115gr JHP and the 5946 now reside in easy reach for the Mrs, with the phone and G2 in their usual (bedside) places as well. We'll hit the range sometime in the next couple of weeks, and I may gently nudge her to shoot a few IDPA matches for some practical experience. If she decides the 5946 isn't the right gun, we'll go shopping.

Suggestions are welcome, but please remember this isn't a "what gun for a woman?" thread. What I'd *like* to see are the following: mid- or full-size frame; empty weight *over* 20oz, 9mm minimum, ideally single-stack mags. Wheelguns are acceptable options as well, but I already have a J-, K-, and two N-frames to pick from.

So - what's your "bump in the night" gun?


DaddyBear said...

Mossberg 835 in 12 gauge, loaded with 00 Buck shot.

Not as easy to swing as a pistol or a carbine, but also less likely to miss in tight quarters if it comes to that. Also, it's about as simple as they come, so I can work it properly in the fog of waking up.

Bob S. said...

Maverick by Mossberg Security 88 in 12 gauge has taken over that duty for the wife.

Previously it was a Ruger GP100 4 inch barrel with .38 specials.

I'm still likely to grab my Taurus PT145 if I'm thinking "Probably one of the kids or neighbor's dog".

Newbius said...

Winchester Defender 12 gauge with 00 Buck.

If I need more than that, I am fighting my way down to my rifles. :)

Timmeehh said...

Since a proper hold is essential, a pistol with an adjustable back-strap is a good idea.

Since you like S&W, have her rent a M&P 9mm at a range, so she can try the different sizes.

Empty weight is 24 oz, it is a double stack, but using the smallest back-strap negates the width problem.

Also it is a DAO trigger and is available without a manual safety, so it is as simple to use a revolver.

Timmeehh said...

so it is as simple to use AS a revolver.

ZerCool said...

@ DB, Bob, Newbius: Without a doubt, a shotgun is the king of home defense... but in this case, I'm contending with What She Wants. Right now, shotguns aren't something she's real comfortable with, and an 870 set up for the field isn't as easy to maneuver/grab and go as a pile o' 9mm.

Timmeehh: Sadly, there is no such thing as a rental range in my piece of New York. It's a losing proposition, as simple possession (i.e., picking up and holding) of a pistol requires a NY pistol permit. But we won't get into that for now. I know a fellow who shoots IDPA nearby with an M&P9L, and another friend has an XD9. I'll probably try to track down both of them for some range time. Of course, like Weerd, I detest the idea of only putting 10 rounds in a well designed for 15-plus...