May 6, 2010

Morning Miscellany

Stopped at the Mart of Wal on the way home from work this morning. Initially it was for a can of spray paint (marking tools prior to a work party at the range this weekend), but decided to check the ammo cabinets while I was there.

I've been through a few times in the past couple weeks, and either the supply and demand curves have crossed again, or the price-point has risen just enough to keep some on the shelves. Every time I've been there, there's been .25, .32, 9mm, .40, .44Mag, .45, .223, and bulk .22LR. I've managed to leave it there until today. A box of .44Mag ($33) and two bricks of Federal .22 ($19/ea) came home with me. I was sorely tempted to buy a couple boxes of RWS 124gr 9mm ($13) or one of the value-packs of 115gr WWB ($23) - but then I remembered how much 9mm is on the shelf at home and managed to leave it there. If I need more this year, I'll look for a good price on Wolf or similar.

About a mile from home I crested a small rise in the road and saw a couple small furry somethings (cat-size) playing on the side of the road a bit ahead. Right size for cats but moving wrong. Too tall for woodchucks and they don't move in threes. Slowed down, got closer. It was beautiful red fox and two kits! They ducked into the deep grass along the road as I pulled past them, but one of the kits stopped and looked back at me as I drove by. Pretty animals...

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elmo iscariot said...

One of the tiny benefits of being a gunnie in Jersey is that we never saw much of an ammo shortage. There are so few shooters (and our idiotic laws in practice prevent out-of-state shooters from buying "pistol ammo" here) that almost all my stores have had .38sp, .45, and .380 every single time I've gone to buy it over the last couple years. It has the Jersey markup, of course, but it's there.