Jan 17, 2011


Some time ago, I loaned a friend a small bag of ammunition to use as props while he was putting together an insert for his new CD. He wasn't sure what would look best, and had gotten suggestions from .45ACP to .7000LoudenBoomer. I didn't know the scale of what he was doing, so I pulled out five or ten of every caliber I own and put them in baggies for him. (Side note: this results in a package about the size of Nerf football.)

I happened to be thinking about it last week and dropped him a note asking if I could retrieve my ammo and put it back where it belongs - and by the way, buy a copy of his new CD while I was at it?

I picked up the bag of ammo ("Here's your bullets!" says he.) and chatted for a few minutes. Apparently the model (who had to hold the ammo) and the photographer were terrified of the cartridges. As in, "I don't want to be in the room with them, but this is a paying job so I guess I have to." My friend tried to explain to them that (A) they're pretty stable all by themself, and (B) they are beyond useless without a gun to make them go bang... but was apparently quite unsuccessful.

Some people can't be reached...

I'll ask him for permission to post the final photo result up here, but in the meantime, feel free to check out his page and buy his works. "Solitaire" and "Stripped Down Notions" are his earlier recordings, and are solo works; Alan and his guitar. The latest, "American Hands" is recorded with a group of younger local/student musicians and is absolutely wonderful. Twelve-string acoustic guitar with a wonderful backing horn section...

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BobG said...

"Apparently the model (who had to hold the ammo) and the photographer were terrified of the cartridges."

That's sort of like worrying that someone holding a doughnut in the same room with you is going to make you fat.