Jan 17, 2011

Writer's blockbuster

Need some inspiration? Just bored?

"When and why did you start drinking coffee? Corollary: How do you take your coffee?"

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mhaithaca said...

Interesting question!

I've always liked the taste of coffee, and my parents used to give us spoonfuls in our milk, back when they drank coffee. They both stopped, and switched to tea and Postum. (Now that's a blast from the past! Roasted grain instant hot beverage, anyone?)

It probably wasn't until I was at camp, and either a trainee or a counselor, that I started intentionally drinking cups of coffee. The camp cafeteria had what was, no doubt, awful coffee, and I put milk and sugar in it.

Then I got in the habit of drinking coffee daily at the dining hall at Cornell. We made better coffee at KDR, but nothing as good as we have now. And then after college I drank lots of coffee at work. IT, don'tcha know.

I think I'll flesh this out on my own journal. Thanks!

mhaithaca said...

Oh! And, these days I drink it black, almost exclusively. If it's really awful, I might add milk and sugar. Also love espresso, and occasionally go for a cappuccino. France and Italy do some things right.

Mike W. said...

Don't drink coffee anymore (I cut out caffiene)

When I did I had a thing for espresso based drinks. Mmm, Brew Ha-Ha lattes. Damn those were good. Never did like plain old coffee.

BobG said...

Started drinking it in high school; no cream or sugar. These days I like to grind my own beans, but had to cut down to a pot a day after my heart attack.
When my dad and I would go deer hunting, at the end of the day we would pour some black coffee with cognac in it to warm up.