Feb 25, 2011

Dead Trees

I've been slowly acquiring and working my way through the "Honor Harrington" series by David Weber. I'd picked up book 1 ("On Basilisk Station") at a used book store in Pike's Market in Seattle, and since picked 2-4.

The local Borders Books is on the chopping list, so I stopped in last night to see what they had. Aside from the nausea-inducing wall-to-wall hangings every other ceiling tile in red/black/yellow screaming "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS", "STORE CLOSING", "ENTIRE STORE 20-40% OFF!!!", they had not been thoroughly picked over yet - that'll be when it's 50% or more off, I expect. I didn't want to wait, so picked up books 5-11 in the series, leaving just one to find ("Mission of Honor") at a later point. I should be set on reading material for a few weeks, in any case.

From there I wandered over to $BoxSportingStore to burn a rewards certificate that expired tomorrow. I eyeballed their ammo selections (all overpriced) then the display of knives. I've been carrying a Kershaw Chive as my pocket knife for a while, and while it's a fine knife, it's really too small for my hands. I played with a Kershaw Zing briefly and decided to get it. Except they were out of stock. So the clerk sold me the display model (no box) for $30 - ten bucks off the list price. Knock off the $10 reward certificate, and I walked out with a brand-new Kershaw for $20. No complaints. Nice size knife, no complaints thus far!


Ruth said...

The Honor books rock, he gets decidedly political (and way to much about the relationships) though about book 10, a fact that someone must have pointed out to him cause the next actual book in the series (as apposed to the short story books) goes off to follow someone else for a bit and get the series back on sci-fi territory.

Very enjoyable series though and definetly worth reading. Enjoy!

Ruth said...

sorry, have to add, that if you didn't pick up Crown of Slaves, and Shadow of Saganami, you'll want to read them before Mission of Honor or parts of the last won't make sense.

Drop me a message if you'd rather borrow them, along with the short story books, you're not that far away we might be able to work out something.

Robert McDonald said...

You can also find all of them online for free. The 'honoverse' wiki has links to Baen downloads for all but the lastest anthology of short stories. If you have a Kindle it's a great way to cut down on shelve space. I've got just about all of them in paper form, but it's nice to have the electronic copies as well.

His Safehold books are also very good, IMHO.

Old NFO said...

They are definitely good 'airplane' reads... :-) And Ruth is correct.

ZerCool said...

Ruth - thanks for the loan offer, but I have this horrible problem with books. It's the reason I don't have a library card. I don't like to give them back.

I can work around the politics - the "Sten" series was similar, but it did flow with the story. (Also highly recommended, btw, if you can find them.)

Robert - good to know, but I probably won't take advantage of it. There is something intangible in the tangibility of a book that I just don't get from an e-reader (MrsZ has a nook) or a laptop screen.

Ruth said...

no problem, I can understand the problem, its why I own them all myself!