Feb 7, 2011

You were a shitty banker anyway.

I was re-reading Adaptive Curmudgeon's post titled "Are We Not Men?" the other day, and this one rings so very true to me:

A man who is temporarily unemployed should be fixing the roof and stacking firewood. If the condition of unemployment stays too long you’re overvaluing yourself. Step back and realize your true value; somewhere there is a ditch that needs digging and you were a shitty banker anyway.

There are far too many people over-valuing themselves in society. I've been through a dozen stores in the past week with "help wanted" signs of one form or another. Yes, most of them are minimum-wage jobs... but they'll put some food on the table.


cybrus said...

True words indeed! Too many Cousin Eddies out there ("He's holding out for a management position")

Motor-T said...

I agree with your sentiment, but most people today can make more on their 99 weeks of unemployment than minimum wage. So they do nothing instead of work.
They're not overvaluing themselves, the government is doing it for them.

ZerCool said...

Motor-T... you are absolutely right.

And if you're willing to jump through the hoops to prove you're "looking for work", well, bully for you. Of course, COBRA'd insurance runs out in a relatively short time, and it's expensive to boot.

Personally, I'd rather have $9/hr and reasonable insurance than $300/week after taxes and no benefits. But that's me.

DirtCrashr said...

I converted to domestic functions after the fifth lay-off and months out of it - my skill-set had been taken-over by programming and a youth-cadre that hires only among itself. No big deal, I sucked at management and administration.