Mar 3, 2011

Grain Mills again

I did some more research, and decided the GrainMaker was the right mill for us. Their website notes that there is a price increase coming March 15 due to a major increase in material cost. I called and asked what kind of increase they were talking about. Since it's their business to publish it, I won't, but suffice it to say it's a three-digit number.

They offer a layaway plan, and I asked if they would honor the current price if I ordered for layaway today... and they will.

So, the mill is ordered. Should be here in a few months (i.e., when it's paid off).

Now I've got to get started on putting away grain...


Ruth said...

Once you get it please let us know what you think! I like the concept, but don't have the spare cash right this moment.

Adaptive said...

Good move. You'll love fresh flour. I bought a Nutrimill a few years ago and I love it.