Mar 6, 2011

Mobile Audio

Every so often I start thinking that a new audio head in the truck would be nice. In particular, one that reads MP3 discs and has a line-in for an iPod.

Then I look at what the options are out there, and I cringe.

See, Nissan did something right with the Frontier's audio system (in '07, I haven't looked at the current models and can't tell from their advertising photos): they made it simple. BIG buttons, and not many. Simple display.

MrsZ's previous car had an aftermarket head in it that drove me NUTS. The buttons were the size of a pencil eraser, and it seemed like the entire face was covered with them. Labeling was in tiny print and not well-lit. It had a very pretty display, though...

We complain about and legislate against "distracted driving" with cell phones and text messaging and so forth - and then "upgrade" our cars with accessories that require a degree to operate. Derp?

(I really do love my truck. It is unapologetically a TRUCK. Easy-clean interiors, big buttons, big knobs, etc.)


Ruth said...

I think the same thing everytime I see the car commercials with touch screen dash, hello? are you TRYING to make me take my eyes off the road??

bluesun said...

When I got my new(er) truck, the stock stereo only had a working radio. As someone who *needs* music when driving long distances, I pretty much had to buy a new stereo, despite my seething hatred of tiny buttons and digital controls. If you do go that route, I found and recommend give you all the installation pieces, cable harnesses, and the like, included in the purchase price, and have free shipping. A lot cheaper then I could have got it at ye local big box store of doom.

Old NFO said...

I do like my Yukon's controls, they are big enough to see, and pretty intuitive... Since I can't hear really well, I mostly listen to news and talk radio. Crutchfields DOES do a good job though!

mhaithaca said...

I agree with the Crutchfield suggestion, but you're likely to find that any aftermarket head unit that's sufficiently powerful and featureful to include MP3 disc support and either an iPod connection or an ordinary aux in will probably also have lots of tiny buttons.

Of course, the myriad distractions surrounding us in the car mean any legislation against specific distractions is moronic.