Sep 19, 2011


Fine, Weerd. I'll play.

Pull out the knife/knives you have. Right now, immediately accessible. Take a picture. Post it.


Left to right:
ESEE Izula, Leatherman c301, Victorinox Classic AlOx, Kershaw Zing, Leatherman Core.

Yes, every single one of those is within reach at the moment. The Zing and Classic are in/on my pants, the rest are in/on my tactical man-purse.


Old NFO said...

Damn, are you compensating or what :-) How do you like that Zing?

Weer'd Beard said...

NFO, My Zing is one of my #1 favorite EDC knives.

I need to put a review up on it on my site.

elmo iscariot said...

Man, if I carried a purse, it'd have a fixed blade in it, too.