Sep 12, 2011

Not-quite Hiatus

Haven't had much of the blog muse lately. BBHIS has cut my hours back to something resembling reasonable, so I've been getting a hair more sleep and even starting to find time to do the things that need doing. We avoided the flood by about 40 miles and ten inches of rain (we got about 5" in 24 hours, an hour drive east of us ran closer to 15" in the same time period). The lawn is mostly mowed. Finishing the damn barn is the next major step, and if the weather cooperates this afternoon it should be well under way.

I did find time to head to the range for a bit this weekend, taking along the young lady I took last time and a friend of hers who was visiting. We took an assortment of hardware and burned a fair bit of ammo. Mistake on my part: I had forgotten to swap the comb on my 500 from the cheek-riser to the standard, so it was impossible to get a good cheek weld and use the beads. Of course, with deer season coming, I'll be swapping the barrel anyways, so the comb can stay as-is.

And a few pictures just because:

The 1911A1 .45: Yeah, it's a chick gun.

Me in the background, HerFriend foreground with the AR:

And Her with the AR:


North said...

Great range pictures!

I added you to the Gun Blog Black List:


ZerCool said...

Oh no, I've been blacklisted!

North said...

All the cool people are...

Old NFO said...

Love the sticker :-)