Nov 11, 2011

Pocket 9s

Uncle mentions that he's maybe sorta looking for a pocket 9. I've been using a Kahr PM9 as a nearly-everyday carry gun for quite a while, when I'm not slinging the .40 into the tactical murse instead. (All depends on circumstances.) It's a great little gun and very accurate for what it is. The biggest bitch about it, which didn't directly affect me, is cost: plain-jane it's a $700 (street price) gun. Add another hundred or so for night sights, etc.

Someone mentioned the Kahr CM9 in conversation the other day, and I hadn't heard of it, so I went looking.

Dimensionally and weight-wise it's identical to the PM9. It lists for $230 *less* than the PM9. Down side? It only comes with one magazine, so cough up another $30ish for that. Other than that? It appears to be a mechanical difference: the PM9 is polygon-rifled, the CM9 is traditionally rifled (lands/grooves).

I'm not a gunsmith or an accuracy freak. The only think I know about poly-rifling is that you shouldn't shoot cast lead in it. Aside from that, is there any real ($200-worth of real) advantage to the different rifling?

If not, the CM9 is a HELL of a good price for a pocket 9.


Farm.Dad said...

The other " main " difference if i recall correctly is that the cm 9 uses a staked front sight rather than a dovetailed sight . Not a big deal if you dont want night sights or to change sights but it pretty much makes the sights ya get the sights ya got .

ZerCool said...

Good catch, FD - I hadn't noticed that.

Bubblehead Les. said...

One of the local Gun Shops over here has the Kahr CW9093 or the CW4043 (your choice) going out the door for $380 plus Tax, title, dealer prep, etc. They are also selling the Ruger LC9 for $340. Considering they are selling the S+W J-Frame 637 for $349, one wonders why one should carry a 5 shot Snubbie anymore.