Jan 30, 2012


OldNFO posts his story of a negligent discharge.

Others observe in comments that there are those who have, and those who will. I agree with that to a point. If you're a five-rounds-a-year deer hunter, your odds are slim. Those of us who dump a case or ten a year and handle guns hundreds if not thousands of times annually* are a bit higher on the probability chart.

I haven't had one, yet. I do everything I can to avoid it. As long as I'm following the rules, I should be relatively OK when it happens. Always remember: things can be replaced, people can't. Stay safe.

* - think about it. I handle my carry gun at least twice a day; when I put it on in the morning and when I take it off at bedtime. That, alone, is north of 700 instances in a year. Go to a gun show (like yesterday) and I probably picked up 30 or 40 guns. Hunting season is another 40 to 100. Gun shop? Six to ten each visit. Blogshoot? Hell, probably 100-plus in six hours. I'm betting I pick up and handle a firearm somewhere on the order of 2,500 times a year. More than 3/4 of the time that firearm is or is about to be loaded.


Old NFO said...

And I'm glad I posted, if it makes folks think... Then it's worth the honesty...

Anonymous said...

Good to share for all of us to learn.