Jan 3, 2012


I got a PS3 a few weeks back, and I've been enjoying it. I've never been a huge console gamer, but there are a few games I really enjoy. The Ratchet & Clank series in particular has been a long-standing favorite. Unfortunately, it won't install and/or hangs up during the first level. Emails to Insomniac are thus far unproductive.

So I've been spending my time on Gran Turismo 5. It's billed as one of the most complete racing simulators out there, and I would tend to (mostly) agree with that. The one thing it doesn't have is damage modeling, which means you can smash into the wall at 140mph, hit reverse, and be back up to speed in a tick. But I can overlook that.

Then I ran across the following video from Sony, comparing the Nurburgring simulation to the real thing:

Damn. (Click through and watch it high-def/full-screen.)

(I'd love to get a good force-feedback wheel-and-pedals setup, but have no place to put it.)


Old NFO said...

Yeah, but there is NOTHING like actually driving Nurburgring :-)

ZerCool said...

NFO - I would assume that to be true, but I can *afford* to own a PS3 and a video game. Going to actually drive the 'ring in a car that's made for it is a pipe dream.

NotClauswitz said...

Went there one day returning from overseas when I was 18, with a German friend and his father who drove it in their family's V-8 Opel Commodore with good élan, and it was *very* good through the banks of the Karussell.
But what I remember MOST was the 6+foot tall blond DD in sleek black skin-tight motorcycle leathers and high, spike-heel boots standing by her bike at the starting line. That *really* made me want to start riding motorcycles. Really-really-really...