Feb 24, 2012

No bleg - gun pron!

The new pistol is a Walther P38, as the denizens of #GBC already know.

I started taking pictures tonight and was trying to field strip it to double check the inside of the slide for import marks.

I need to read manuals more carefully before doing these things. (I have since re-read the appropriate portions of the user manual, which say NOTHING about putting finicky bits back in beyond seeing an "artisan smith".)

I have removed the barrel catch lever and can't get it back in place. I tried tapping with a nylon-tipped 'smithing hammer and got nowhere.

The barrel and slide are still captive (and won't come off).

If there's a P38 expert who can give me some pointers by comment, email, or phone, I'd be eternally grateful. And would determine suitable recompense.

Pics once I figure out how to get this thing together and apart.

UPDATE: DISREGARD ABOVE. I FIXED IT. No wonder we kicked the German's butts, if they were making guns this complicated.

Update 2: Pictures, you leeches. As always, click/embiggen.


(First few shots from my new lightbox, using the pocket camera. I took a few with the SLR as well, but haven't dug out the cable yet. Tomorrow.)

1942 Walther-manufactured (ac42), numbers on slide, barrel, and frame match. Two magazines, un-numbered. Period-correct but un-numbered holster. I did find the import mark - Century Arms - but it doesn't appear to be a Russian capture. I'll be running it by the folks at the P38 Forum to see if they have any more info on it.


Old NFO said...

Nice! You'll enjoy that one!

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