Feb 29, 2012

Dancing the night away

As mentioned a few posts back, MrsZ and I went to a Waltz class Monday evening. AGirl just commented and asked how it was, reminding me I needed to update.

It was pretty good. The instructors (one male, one female) are both clearly good dancers. We started with very basic stuff. Six-count. Balance step. Walking. Simple spins.

I am not a good dancer. I repeatedly lost the beat in the music and got confuzzled. During one break between songs and steps, the instructor asked if there were any questions. Not one to be embarrassed easily, I asked. His answer was simple: WHO CARES?

Seriously. He said the vast majority of people lose the beat, and keeping perfect time is not necessarily what dancing is about. If you lose the beat, just keep going. Most people won't notice or care.

One problem we ran into is that I stride. Even when I'm dancing. I take long steps. We were continually angling around other couples, even when I tried to shorten my steps. Gotta work on that...

It was a good time. I'm looking forward to class 2.

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