Oct 11, 2012

Coffee, Stingray-style

Look, you hopped up pretentious fuckskids of inferiority masquerading as trendy, there is one goddamn thing that has been utterly fucking pivotal to the advancement and continuance of human progress in the history of the fucking world, eclipsed in importance only by beer, and I am utterly fed the righteous fuck up with every half-wit with an art history degree and a pot of boiling water fucking it up.
Coffee is not this fucking hard, people.

Preach it, brother! MrsZ and I have been constantly struggling to find a roast that we can agree on. I like medium, she likes darker. I make the coffee most mornings though, so I get to choose. The blend lately has been Peet's "Cafe Solano". It's not bad. Not great, but not bad - and decent enough that we agree on it. Sometimes we'll grab a can of "Cuppa Joe" from the local beanery, which is also pretty good stuff. (We are at least agreed that Sumatras will never sully our cupboards; foul beans they are!)

We've been using a Melitta pour-over cone for about a year now, with generally good results. 1 tablespoon of beans per cup of coffee, ground just before brewing, and a quick grind of sea salt into the basket.

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