Oct 12, 2012

Personal Space

Uncle throws this one out as part of a HouseOfMouse experience:
And, often, they’ll get a bit too close and in the personal space of someone used to carrying a gun, who’s not a fan.
(Please note, no Brits or others were harmed in the writing of that blog post.)

I'm big on personal space. My own, and observing others' space. I hate having people close to me. Last week some lady in the checkout at the grocery store was literally bumping my arm with her elbow as she stood behind me. I wish I'd had a nice juicy fart on deck for her, but no such luck - so I had to make do with an exaggerated dig in my pocket for my keys, which just happened to dig my elbow into her shoulder on the way out. Oops.


Andie said...

Oh, I hear this one, loud and clear! Nothing worse that having to stand in line except when you get crowded when you do it. I tend to move a lot more while in a line to keep that personal space a bit more open for me... when that fails, I have been known to "accidentally" return the favor with a pointed elbow or stiletto heel.

ZerCool said...

I was going to try the stiletto heel approach, but my balance is terrible - and finding them in a men's 13 is so difficult!