Jan 26, 2013

Quick Update

Just past halfway through an overnight, overtime shift... the money is good, but it'll be another hour or so and I'll be fighting to stay awake. Coffee on board...

The nation has had a look at the Wicked Witch's proposed ban. New York's ban is still being amended after the fact, to do things like exempt police officers - which they forgot to do the first time around.

The legislative process in this fiasco was short-circuited by a power-hungry governor and complicit legislators, making back-room deals. The leading belief is that Skelos (Republican majority leader in the NY Senate) traded his party votes for relief funds for Hurricane Sandy, and campaign finance promises.

Got that? Enumerated civil rights sold out for disaster funds and his future re-election campaign. Tammany Hall is alive and well.

We're moving ahead with plans to get the hell out, and I will be personally donating money to ANYONE who challenges Skelos. -D, -L, -I, whatever, anyone who opposes him will get a small donation from me.

NRA and NYSRPA are both getting things lined up for court challenges; I suspect large portions of this abomination will be overturned and then caught up in the court process for years.

If you haven't contacted your elected representatives - at ALL levels of government - please do so.

If you have - do so again. Email, write snail-mail, make phone calls. Be polite, be firm, be concise. Call every day if you can make the time. I called my state reps' offices several times before the bill was railroaded through, and spent less than ten minutes on the phone each day.

Ruger has a web form for contacting your reps. It's a good start, but it is a form letter. It doesn't hold the same weight as a semi-personal email, and nowhere near as much as a phone call.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, backroom deals are alive and well and WE suffer the consequences...