May 25, 2013

A few more arrivals...

I continue to be intrigued by the incredible variety of silver coins and bullion out there. Pick a hobby. If it interests you, there is almost certainly some sort of bullion coin to honor it. Wildlife? Flowers? Sports? Check, check, and check.

I sold some of my "junk" silver and turned into a few Canadian Maple Leafs and a few ounces of silver shot. I have plans for the shot, and the Leafs are beautiful:

I also ordered a few pieces of copper because the designs are beautiful. Copper is far from an investment metal (at least in raw form), but it does have value - as art if nothing else:

And last but not least, I traded for these specimens of Liberty Dollars. The guy whose signature adorns them - Bernard von NotHaus - has been convicted of various federal crimes and labeled a domestic terrorist for having the temerity to create his own currency. The actual creation of a currency is not the issue - there are many local currencies in use around the country - but the fact that it "may be confused with legal tender". He did very tricky things like putting the words "Liberty" and "Trust in God" on the coins he minted... which have since been confiscated by the federal government.

Apparently there is a New Liberty Dollar being minted now... and I fully intend to acquire a few.

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Old NFO said...

Those are neat ones, thanks! And I didn't know about Von Nothaus.