May 16, 2013

Deal Alert: Pseudo Pelicans

Over at UnholyCocktail. These are "Vault Case" brand, and have excellent reviews over at Amazon - and they're a HELL of a lot cheaper than comparably-sized Pelicans.

"Small" (-7) cases are $13-15, and should be just big enough for a J-frame or pocket auto. The -12 is much more conveniently sized for a medium- to full-size pistol with extra ammo, and has padlock loops for air travel.

It's worth noting that anything over the two-pistol size will incur per-item shipping charges, the -7 and -12 fall into flat-rate shipping.

I've ordered two -7s and a -12 - the 7s will get minimal "prep" gear and be tucked into my kayak and truck toolbox, and the -12 will be a grab-it or travel case.

(I don't get anything from the above link.)

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