Jan 20, 2014

Customer Service, done right

The capitals in the title are no accident.

I have a couple of Eotech 512 sights. One rides on top of MrsZ's AR, and the other has been residing on my 300BLK Handi-Rifle. (That's likely to change, but irrelevant for the moment.) I like the sights; they have reasonable battery life, are easy to use, and for someone who can take the time to math, are fine for quick range estimation. I like the 512s because even though they're a bit larger, they run on plain old AA batteries.

Both were acquired used for a shade over $300 each. New-in-box they now run $425-450ish, depending on where they're acquired. I didn't get a smokin' deal on them, but I felt I paid a fair price.

One of them arrived with a bit of fade across the middle of the image. If the sight is tilted a bit off-center, the image cleans up beautifully. I hadn't bothered to deal with it yet because I don't take the Handi-Rifle out that often. Today I got a wild hair and decided to address the issue.

A quick stop at Eotech's web site pointed me to their "repairs" page, where I filled out and printed the RMA form. An hour later I had an email from a tech asking for a shipping address, which I sent back. Thirty minutes after that, the RMA number and form arrived.

There will be no charge for the repair.

For a sight that's nearly three years out of warranty.

For a sight that's on its (at least) second owner.

With no receipt.

No charge.

Presuming the repair goes smoothly (and I've no reason to think it won't), Eotech has simply solidified my position as a customer of their products.

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Old NFO said...

Very nice, that tallies with what I've heard from others...