Jan 16, 2014

Oh... oh my.

Cruising through the Book of Face, I noticed a picture of Jay tagged, with George Hill and Fate of Destinee. Curious to see what they had up, I clicked over to Fate's place... and she mentioned the new 1911 Range Officer 9mm. With a brief video review here.

Oh my. Yes. Please.

I love my Springfield GI .45; putting a 9mm in the safe next to it would be really nice. Something to save pennies for.

Edit for further and some brain droppings:
I'm seeing suggestions here and there that retail will be right around a thousand. It sounds a little steep, but I suspect that's list and not street. The .45 Range Officer runs right around $800 on the street, which is eminently reasonable for a nicely set up 1911.

As to why I would possibly want a 9mm 1911... a few reasons. First, because I want one. No more reason is really necessary.

After that comes ammo cost (half that of .45, when I don't have time to reload practice rounds), familiarity (my first pistol was a 1911, I've shot IDPA with a 1911, and I am comfortable running a 1911), and finally, I have found that I shoot single-stack pistols better than doubles, for some reason I've never quite sorted out.

This may make me dig into the safe to see what I feel like parting with.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, that 'could' be a winner!