Apr 23, 2014

A bit of gun stuff

GfZ ordered a scope the other night: a Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40. I am pleased with the choice; I think Nikon's scopes are an excellent value... I have several in my safe already.

For those that suggested iron sights and learning fundamentals: there is nothing wrong with that at all. But I believe a newer shooter should have FUN above all - and if they are being frustrated by their iron sights, they're not having fun.

She'll be taking the rifle to an Appleseed next month and learning how to really run it.

I'm starting to evaluate my next AR build ... I've got at least one complete lower lacking an upper, and one stripped lower lacking most everything. I desperately miss my A2 arrangement and plan to make that a priority. The other ... I may do a pistol, or an SBR. Not sure yet.

I've picked up a few things here and there that I hope to review or comment on in the next couple weeks. Nothing earth-shattering, but amusing nonetheless. Stay tuned on that.


Old NFO said...

Those are good little scopes! Looking forward to the reviews...

Wally said...

Prostaffs are pretty good and sure should be a good mate on a 10-22

There is another barrel heading your way soon, as well :-)

Got an A1 and A2 upper both sitting here, both have been really cleaned up and are waiting project builds. I think the A1 will go to a generic 16" KISS carbine. The A2... I haven't the foggiest idea yet.