Aug 23, 2014

Another notch for freedom

New York prevented me from owning an AR-pattern pistol even before the unSAFE insanity - magazine well outside the pistol grip and unloaded weight over 50oz - so I finally ticked that off the list.

It is (as usual) a York Arms lower, completed with a PSA pistol parts kit, ERGO grip, Diamondhead VRS-T rail, 10.5" 300BLK barrel, and KVP Linear Comp.

It'll be wearing a red dot soon, and a final picture should show up then.

When I have a bit of extra cash, I'll stamp-and-stock it.


Old NFO said...

Just out of curiosity, what's the weight?

ZerCool said...

NFO, I hadn't weighed it yet... now I have. 5lb 12oz without the sight. Sight combo is ~5.5oz, so it'll be a hair over 6lb empty.

Old NFO said...

Thanks. So really NOT that much less than a regular AR.

ZerCool said...

No, but I didn't build this for lightweight. It was intended to get a stock as soon as possible, not really stay as a pistol. I'm seeing 1.0lb just for the handguard I chose, f'rex. The KVP comp is 3oz. PSA sure didn't use any special lightweight material in the buffer tube. ;-)

Bushy has a few factory AR-pattern pistols in the 5lb range sans optics, and the extinct Carbon-15 pistol was actually NY legal, squeezing in just under 50oz.

Wilson said...