Aug 25, 2014

Quick thought

This popped in to my head today as yet another headline about Michael Brown scrolled by...

"He may not be the perfect case, but he's the case we need."

Let me expound a bit.

I don't think anyone will ever know exactly what happened in that street. Pathology reports will tell some, medical reports on the officer might tell more, but in the end, only two people know what happened - and one of them can't tell us anymore.

Michael may not have been an angel. It doesn't matter.

His death has opened up the conversation about policing, accountability, and drawn attention to something that's needed it for a long time.

Something we should keep in mind. Maybe it's time we, as gun owners, stop looking for the perfect case and find the cases we need. Kachalsky was turned down. Fine. There will be more. Open the conversation.


Old NFO said...

Great point!

Anonymous said...

I think we can and should do this for court cases and much more.

We need to defend the scoundrels and the scum as much as we defend those who do everything right. In my opinion this is especially important as it is likely few will every get it completely right.

Of course, I've tried to do this with most issues; not just court cases.

Bob S.