Oct 17, 2014

Kerry said. "... If we don't adequately address this current outbreak now, then Ebola has the potential to become a scourge like HIV or polio that we will end up fighting -- all of us -- for decades."
(Via CNN.com)

No, you fuckwit, Ebola is not and will not be a scourge like HIV-AIDS.

People who catch HIV have at least some semblance of a chance at a normal life. Yes, it's going to be a contributing factor to their death someday.

Ebola kills you right the fuck now.

We may well be fighting it for decades, but only if we're unwilling to step up and make the unpleasant choices that need to be made right the fuck now.

We're having some real hard conversations around our house these days.


Old NFO said...

You're not the only ones... sigh... PC bulls**t needs to STOP NOW!

ASM826 said...

War on Poverty? Check.
War on Drugs? Check.
War on AIDS, Alzheimers, Terrorism? Check, check, check.

If the government declares War On Ebola, we're through.