Jan 28, 2015


eForms Application Status Change Notification for Permit/Control No: 201512345

This is to advise you that the status of your eForms submission with the subject Permit/Control number has changed to APPROVED

This would be my 9" S&W 15-22. The barrel is still off at York Arms being shortened, threaded, and re-finished... but should be back here very soon.

I need to run the lower by the laser shop for engraving in the next few days.

Submission to approval time was 41 days.

Now? I need to get on the stick about finding some more 1/2-28 muzzle devices to protect threads when the can isn't mounted.


Old NFO said...

Nice! and that IS a short turnaround!

Wally said...

That's good stuff. Barrel should be shipped out in under a week, too.

I just had a eform2 turned in 3 days, but I do need to submit some eform1s as well - and 6 weeks turn is not bad at all.

I'm seeing form 3s (dealer-dealer) running closer to 12 weeks :/

ZerCool said...

12 weeks on a form 3? Ouch. I'll be happy when they have that back on e-file. SilencerCo just announced public safety pricing, and I would like to take advantage of some of it.

Wally said...

Well my last F3s were 12weeks. I'm now in uber limbo waiting for a gun to move from dealer to dealer (form 3) before it can then F3 to me. The first form 3 has been in the mix for at least 4 months....

Will be great when they get that back on e-forms, because really it's a simple inventory move from licensed dealer to licensed dealer, an the pedigree for the item is even easier to verify with eforms... Should take a day or three, tops .