Mar 11, 2010

More guns for sale!

Rearranging my desires and such, figuring out what I want... I hate the idea of selling guns, so I trade them instead. :)

Satin nickel Bersa Thunder .380
Round count is just over 100, no failures of any kind.
Includes original box and papers, two magazines (one stainless, one blue), and two holsters (DeSantis "Tuck This" and a JMG Holsters 7.0 tuckable leather). Great CCW piece without the punishing recoil of the micro .380s. Also includes one 100-round box of 95gr Winchester FMJ for a FTF deal!

$325 FTF NY with ammo, or shipped without ammo.


S&W 647
6-shot K-frame, 8-3/8" .17HMR. Purchased used, I've put less than 200 rounds through it. Excellent condition. I very gently buffed with Flitz when I purchased it. Includes a non-numbered blue briefcase. Has IL, of course - but only one key included. No papers. It's a great shooter, perfect if you want to chase vermin with a pistol at long distance. $750 shipped, $725 FTF in NY. FTF I'll include two boxes of ammo.


Trades considered:
- S&W 617 (pref 10-shot)
- Ruger LCP
- Springfield XD9 (NY mags needed)
- S&W M&P9 (NY mags needed)
- Kahr 9mm
- ban-compliant ARs - complete rifle or complete uppers
- 1911s - commander or micro, .45 or 9mm


Bob S. said...

Wish I was in your area, that Bersa Thunder looks nice.

Unknown said...
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