Mar 6, 2010

Range Report

Having had a distinct lack of boomy recently, and having missed the AD Dinner/Blogshoot, I finally made it to the range this morning, new shootin' iron in tow.

My range only allows cast lead and .22s on the indoor range (something about not-quite-strong-enough plate in the traps), which I only had a partial box of. Even so, I got to wring out the 67 and refresh myself on the 642.

I hung my target, loaded the 67, paced off about seven yards, and lined up the sights. Decided to challenge myself and shoot double-action. Squeezed through the traditional S&W trigger, *bang* ... lowered the gun, and blinked ... and looked again. One quarter of an inch low and dead-f'ing-center. I shot through the rest of the cylinder, checked my target, and only found five holes... closer examination revealed one of them to be a hair wider than it should be.

I backed off to 16 yards (we've a 50-foot range) and shot another five rounds double-action (one empty chamber to check for flinch). Another beautiful group, a little high-left with one flyer. Reloaded with six and shot those single-action... and the group more than doubled in size. Obviously, this is a DA gun!


Then I brought out the 642 for a quick check. Nine rounds (5, 4) at 7 yards, as quick as I could bring sights back on target. Then five rounds at 16 yards with a bit more care in aiming. The nine rounds in the center square were the quick-fire at close range. The five scattered along the right outside the orange were the longer shots.


A snubby is NOT an easy gun to shoot well, but this certainly qualifies as "minute of bad guy".

Also of note - these are my own mouse-fart target loads, 3.5gr of Trail Boss behind a 158gr LRN. They are not tuned for any particular gun, but seem to shoot reasonably well in everything. I'd recommend the load to anyone looking for a nice easy target load, or for new shooters trying centerfire for the first time.

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